To simply start, my name is Margaret Blair, but at a young age my grandparents called me Maggie B.  I am a born and raised Florida girl.  I knew, Maggie B, was the perfect choice when searching for a name to call my shop because my grandmother Artie B was a total fashionista.  She and my mother instilled FASHION into my life and showed me how one can find love, art and inspiration through clothing, fashion and style.  Since I was a little girl I have dreamed of being apart of the fashion world, whether it was being a designer or a stylist in NYC.  I have worked in retail since I was 16 and I have learned so much, but I have always wanted more.  Being an Army wife made that difficult, near impossible, but my day came when we moved back to Enterprise, AL and God opened a set of doors for me.  Now I have been opened for over a year and Maggie B's has been in existence for nearly 2 years.  I have been selling on Facebook since the opening of our shop and have FAB customers all over the world.  Since opening my doors I have been giving back to the animal community and partnering with brands that give back as well.  I have an awesome "family" at Maggie B's and each of my YaYa sisters have impacted me in a wonderful way.  I do call Maggie B's a bouchique, rather than a boutique because there are already so many boutiques down along Main Street USA and our shop is hardly your average boutique.  We are out of the ordinary and extremely extraordinary.  HUGS & LOVE

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